How many birds will fit in your cage?

Accordion to, 3-4 square feet of floor space is required per pair of finches. If you know the dimensions (in inches) of the cage you are considering placing birds into, you can use the calculator below to find out how many birds your cage may comfortably house. (Remember that 12 inches are in one…
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All About Birds: Feather Molt

A feather is a “dead” structure, analogous to hair or nails in humans and made of the same basic ingredient, the protein keratin. This means that when they get damaged, feathers can’t heal themselves—they have to be completely replaced. This replacement of all or some of the feathers is called molt. In addition to providing…
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Introductory Information Most of the time, a hen is stimulated to lay her eggs because she mated with a male. Sometimes, however, a hen may be stimulated to lay eggs even if no successful mating took place. Occasionally, a hen will even lay eggs if no male is present in her enclosure: she may pair…
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